Cost can be a barrier for some individuals, so we like to be upfront with our expectations before we reserve a time for you in our schedule.
Our Rates:

Initial Evaluation: ($150)Our initial evaluation will determine your body composition, flexibility, muscular strength, endurance, postural analysis and cardiorespiratory fitness.  At the conclusion of our session we will have designed a program and set goals for you that address your specific needs. We will also go over potential nutrition and diet guidelines

Sessions: ($75)Sessions last 55 minutes. Clients are expected to initially contract for two sessions weekly for three calendar months. Clients are billed on the first of each month for all sessions that month. Terms are Net 15.Our cancellation policy is extremely rigid. Clients will be asked at the end of each month which dates (if any) they will not be able to attend the following month. These are the dates that they will be reserving the trainer's time, and these are the days that will need to be paid.

Note: Our average client has been with us for10+ years. So it is quite possible that your ideal time preference will not initially be available. Flexibility in scheduling is certainly a plus when initially embarking on a fitness journey with us.
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